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May 11th, 2011
GLCD Font Creator available on Mikroelektronika website.   

Good news for all embedded softwares and hardwares developpers. GLCD Font Creator is now available on MikroElektronika website.

It joins the impressive visual tools Visual-GLCD and Visual-TFT.


May 01st, 2011
GLCD Font Creator has been acquired by Mikroelektronika   

Thanks to all people who contributed to the success of GLCD Font Creator, and supported its developements.

MikroElektronika was one of the major companies that supported the developement of GLCD Font Creator tool and its accompagning librarie XGLCD Lib. It provided all needed hardware and software that made it possible to create several versions, and test various releases. Their team worked closely and supported us heavily to make it possible to provide full version for all MikroElektronika compilers, and make GLCD Font Creator a better software that answers professionals' needs.

Going forward, MikroElektronika acquired all rights about GLCD Font Creator. New versions will be developed and enhanced by MikroElektronika teams, by people who knows the internals of compilers, code generators, and the impressive visual tools Visual-GLCD and Visual-TFT.

We are sure that MikroElektronika will dedicate more resources and more time to newer and more versatile versions of GLCD Font Creator. GLCD Font Creator will be better integrated to MikroElektronika compilers and tools, and desserved by better graphics libraries.

Better ideas, better support, more resources, more time, better graphics libraries, better integration... "making it simple!".

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April 07th, 2011
16 bit 30MHz Logic Analyzer at less than $100   
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Feb 15th, 2011
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Nov 08th, 2009
GLCD Font Creator 1.1.0 - mikroElektronika Edition released
This is a new version of GLCD Font Creator special edition for MikroElektronika Pro compilers.
List of improvements and new features:
  • New version 1.1.0 mikroElektronika Edition Free of Charge for Mikroelektronika compilers' users.
  • Full Unicode fonts import support.
  • Creation and modification of Hitachi HD44780 alphanumeric LCD custom chars.
  • Compatibility with ALL MikroElektronika PRO compilers.
  • New source codes of XGLCD/XSPI-GLCD Library v1.0.0 compatible with ALL mikroElektronika PRO compilers on ALL supported platforms (PIC, AVR, 8051).
MikroElektronika Sponsored Product
Nov 07th, 2009
Website reworked and available again
Our website is available again. New products will be available soon. News:
  • New versions of GLCD Font Creator will be available soon (few days).
  • Pocket MicroTechnics becomes official third party software developper partner of MikroElektronika.