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Frequently Asqued Questions

  • What is GLCD Font Creator?
    GLCD Font Creator is a tool to draw fonts and export them for various compiler.
  • What is the difference between the Swordfish™ Plugin and the Pro version?
    Swordfish™ basic IDE version is exactly the same as the Professionnal Edition in functionnalities. The only difference is that Swordfish version is FRFEE and the Pro version is Shareware. The Pro version is a bundle of 4 products (see download page for details).
  • In the Proton™ Basic Plugin and the Standalone Application version, most of the exported chars are incorrect (all data are zero)?
    The unregistered version is limited to the export of 15 chars only. Upon registration, all chars are exported correctly.
  • Can I import the installed fonts on my PC?
    Yes, you can create fonts using the funtionnality : "New Project : By Importing System Font".
  • What are all the compilers supported for export?
    Actually, the supported compilers are : Swordfish™ Basic, Proton™ Basic, mikroBasic™, mikroPascal™, mikroC™, and any other compiler with the custom export filter. Other compilers will be supported soon in incomming updates.
  • There are some useless white space above the characters, how to remove it?
    It's easy. You can delete blanks on chars using Delete Row or Column function from any side of your chars. You can also use Automatic Optimisation Dialog to let GLCD Font Creator automatically do it for you.
  • Can I create fonts with variable chars width?
    Yes of course. But in design time, all chars are the same width. At EXPORT TIME you can choose to export your fonts in FIXED font width or in PROPORTIONAL font width (in this later case, jump tables are automatically computed and inserted in generated source code).
  • What is XGlcd Library?
    In mikroBasic™, mikroPascal™ and mikroC™, GLCD Lib is the library that let users draw and paint on graphics LCD. This library is limited to painting texts on pages, i.e. on positions multiple of 8 pixels. This limitation is due to the hardware configuration of physical GLCDs. The second limitation is the fact that this lib is limited to fonts with a maximum of 8 pixels height. XGlcd Lib is breaks all these limitations. It's a wrapper arround MikroElektronika GLCD Lib. It let you draw fonts of any height at any pixel position on GLCDs.
  • When I use the XGlcd Lib the compiler also links the GLCD lib from MikroElekronika?
    Yes, the XGlcd Lib is just a wrapper arround MikroElektronika GLCD Lib. A new rewrite of the full XGLCD lib is planned in order to improve its performances and make it at higher level of abstraction (no more hassle with managing physical pages and sides of GLCD).