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X-GLCD Project

MikroElektronika Sponsored Product

X-GLCD Project is an effort to enhance both GLCD library and SPI_GLCD library provided by MikroElektronika with mikroBasic™, mikroPascal™ and mikroC™.

First of all !!! Pelase read this fuly !!!

XGLCD project is NOT associated to our commercial (shareware) offer concerning GLCD Font Creator. GLCD Font Creator was designed with export filter to support most of compilers on the market (more filters are comming). When I started working on mikroBasic™, mikroPascal™ and mikroC™ filters, I have seen that most of the (nice) fonts we can create by importing windows fonts are more than 8bits height. So I started writing X-GLCD lib to go beyond these limitations (GLCD lib cant handle fonts with more than 8 bits height).
What you must understand and agree with before you download and use X-GLCD project files is that:
1- this project can be discontinued at any time.
2- buying GLCD Font Creator does not give you any right to request for support on X-GLCD Lib.
3- You are going to use it AT YOUR OWN RISK. I’LL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OF ANY DATA LOSS OR DAMMAGE. THIS SOFTWARE IS GIVEN WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE. USE IT AT YOU OWN RISK. In no event shall I be liable for any incidental, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of the this software and associated documentation.

What is XGLCD Library?

In mikroBasic™, mikroPascal™ and mikroC™, GLCD Lib is the library that let users draw and paint on graphics LCD. This library is limited to painting texts on pages, i.e. on positions multiple of 8 pixels. This limitation is due to the hardware configuration of physical GLCDs. The second limitation is the fact that this lib is limited to fonts with a maximum of 8 pixels height.
XGlcd Lib is breaks all these limitations. It's a wrapper arround MikroElektronika GLCD Lib. It let you draw fonts of any height at any pixel position on GLCDs.

What is SPI-XGLCD Library?

SPI-XGLCD library is the SPI version (extension) of SPI_GLCD Library.

Is it OPEN SOURCE? Where are sources codes?

XGLCD Project (both XGLCD Lib and X-SPI-GLCD Lib) are NOT OPEN SOURCE. The sources are and will remains the property of Pocket MicroTechnics.

BUT the sources are freely downloadable on Pocket MicroTechnics web site.
Everybody is welcome :

- to download them
- to modify them
- and to use them even for commercial products. There are no royalties and no fees.
The only restrictions are
- that you are not allowed to sell source codes, nor *.mcl compiled files (as libs).
- you are not allowed to distribute these sources to thirdparty withous explicit written permission from me.
- If you wish to redistribute X-GLCD Lib (and X-SPI GLCD lib) or make it available on another server, you must contact us and obtain permission first.

Where can I find support

Please, for any question or support needs, feel free to join and use our public forum.

Thank you !


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